Vintage Crime Scene Photographs from LAPD

Until recently, an old, deteriorated collection of no less than one million crime scene photographs rested silently in the nearly forgotten archives of the Los Angeles Police department; spanning 150 years of violence and corruption, these images were only recently discovered by the photographer Merrick Morton, who has restored and salvaged many of the images, which will be exhibited at Paramount Pictures Studios from April 25-27 by Fototeka.


Anonymous asked: Hence the reason for 'anonymous.' Why can't you say who she is?

Yeah thats cool and all yo, but this is just a lame blog, I’d like to know who I’m disclosing information about my personal life to. 

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Anonymous asked: who is the girl in your personal pics?

Whose asking?

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P Reign - DnF (feat. Drake & Future)

I just might bring you to the city, send you home with stories you can never tell.

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Black Swan (2010)

Director: Darren Aronofsky

Cinematographer: Matthew Libatique

Screenwriter: Mark Heyman, John McLaughlin, and Andres Heinz

Read the screenplay for Black Swan here.

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“Sleep doesn’t relieve my exhaustion anymore.”

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